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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Auto Shop Shoot

Last month, some local photographers joined together for a shoot with some models at a local auto shop, Paul's Beachside Automotive. Pretty different for me, but it sounded like fun, plus I'm trying to meet new people here, so I decided to join them.

I felt pretty awkward at first, with everybody trying to take pictures all at once of models in the awesome antique car, and mostly just getting in each others way. But when I moved into the actual auto shop, I relaxed a bit and tried to just do my thing. I was pretty happy with the results. Maybe I should work with models more often! It's definitely nice to work with subjects that take direction and pose willingly...kids are adorable but they're not always willing subjects for modeling!

Here are my favorites from the shoot.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Styled Wedding

I signed up to join a styled wedding photo shoot put together by Emily Santome Photography. Now I've never had any interest in shooting weddings before, but this seemed like it would be a neat experience to get to try out wedding photography without the pressure of shooting an actual wedding. I was super nervous!  I don't know what I was nervous about though, it ended up being a lot of fun and I came out with some great photos!

We drove out to the desert where Emily had set up a beautiful wedding table. I have to admit, it was pretty funny just seeing it out there in the middle of nowhere as we drove up!

Our models, Danielle and Drew, were absolutely fantastic. Danielle has modeled before, but Drew was new to this, and what a way to start, with six different cameras in your face for several hours! He must have been uncomfortable, but it sure didn't show. They were both naturals in front of the camera, and you can really see their love for each other.  

Now here comes the photo share overload. I had a really difficult time narrowing down which photos to share!

Aren't they adorable? I wish them all the best.  Thanks again to Emily Santome for putting together this awesome shoot! 

Thanks for looking!