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Sunday, July 8, 2018

52 Weeks - Weeks 14-26

Here are the next 3 months of photos from the 52 Week Photography Challenge I'm participating in. Halfway through, woo hoo!  I haven't missed one yet, although I was certainly late a few times.  If you're interested in checking out the photo challenge list or maybe want to join in  (you can start anytime!), check out this link: Official Dogwood Photography 52 Week Photography Challenge. 

I'm really enjoying this challenge. I'll admit, some weeks it's hard, there's no time and it just feels like another chore, but for the most part it's been a good experience. I love that it pushes me, and gets me out of my comfort zone sometimes to try out new techniques.

Week 14 Vision: Diptych or Triptych

Week 15 Composition: Rule of Space

Week 16 Technical: Portrait Lighting

Week 17 Creative: Humor

Week 18 Wild Card: Photographer's Choice

Week 19 Vision: Edge Cut Sun

Week 20 Composition: From Below

Week 21 Technical: Product

Week 22 Creative: Door

Week 23 Vision: No Peeking

Week 24 Composition: Contrast

Week 25 Technical: Starburst

Week 26 Creative: High or Low Key

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Day In The Life Photo Challenge

A few years ago, I did a Day In The Life photo challenge on my birthday, which pretty much means documenting my day from the moment I get up until I go to bed.  It's challenging trying to make interesting photos of mundane, everyday things.

 I decided on a whim to go for it again recently, on my birthday again. I started out pretty good, but sometime in the afternoon it became pretty clear that my heart wasn't really in it. It started getting harder and harder to find things to take photos of...and then later I had a lot going on because of my birthday that I just kept forgetting to take photos, or went out and forgot my camera completely!  So not an overly successful challenge this time. There are many aspects of my daily life that I wanted to photograph for this challenge that I missed, like for example, my toddler crying and bringing me the boppy pillow when he needs a nap! Also, my daughter's bedtime routine...since I was going out to a movie, I actually had my husband put her to bed this time so I could try (unsuccessfully) to get the baby down for a nap before we left. In hindsight, this would probably be an easier challenge on day that isn't my birthday.

A lot of these are just snap shots, some are even cellphone pictures, and a couple were taken by my husband.  Not really a representation of my average day, but still, you get a little peek into my world I guess. I'll try again another day. :)

Wakey, wakey.

Rise and shine, Valentine!

Brushing teeth,

Noah sleeping in Ariel's bed, while she gets ready for school.

"Why am I awake? Why do you do this to me every morning??"
Off to school.
Back to bed, glorious bed!

"Ha, ha! Think again, mama. No back to bed today!"

Breakfast of champions.


Clean-up time.

Pets sunbathing next to me while I do some computer work. (Wow, dirty window.)

A couple of hours were spent like this, pinned under sleeping baby.

I guess she had a bad day.


Ariel drew me a picture for my birthday! I forgot to get a photo of the actual picture though, ha.

More Birthday goodies.

At Target! My home away from home lol. 

Dinner at Sonny's!

Ariel watering her flowers.

Ice cream cake!

Enjoying some cake before bedtime.

"Where's my cake?"

Not much actual laundry folding happening here.
Ariel's rock dig she got from Target.
Ariel in bed, time for a movie! (We saw A Quiet Place.)

A little Daniel Tiger and birthday cake before bed.