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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cailyn's first birthday


Last week I shot some first birthday photos for this adorable little girl. She looked super cute in her tutu, but like most toddlers, she wasn't about to just sit and pose for me!   

Well actually, she did sit. She actually really loved this little white chair of mine, and kept going back to it! 

Once we took things outside though, there was no stopping her.

"Can't catch me!"

Friday, March 1, 2013

More Ariel, for your viewing pleasure

These were pretty much just quick snaps of Ariel but I thought they turned out pretty cool.

This first one, Ariel was at the back door peeking out like she does, and I often try to get some pictures of her at this door just because I like the window light. But as soon as I had the camera pointed at her, she came crawling over to me and clung to my legs. I had the 50mm on so I couldn't fit all of her into my frame anymore, but I thought what the heck, and I snapped a couple shots anyway. A couple of them were cute, but this one really stood out to me. It's not perfect, but I just love that little face and those sparkling blue eyes!

And this next one, she had gotten a hold of my hand mirror and was pretty fascinated with it for a while. She looked so stinkin' cute checking herself out in it, so of course I had to try to getting some pictures! I had this idea in my head of what I wanted the photo to be, but I didn't get it unfortunately. I did get one that I was pleased with however, even if it wasn't what I had at first envisioned. I almost scrapped it because the side was so blown out, but then I gave it a second look and decided there was something I liked about it. What do you think?

Maybe I just have mommy goggles on. :)