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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

More Cuties

My friend and I got together to take some photos of some super cute kids she knows through a playgroup.  
It was very interesting to see how different our pictures came out, even though it was the same subject at the same time.  Everybody really does have their own style!   Her photos are warm and colorful while I tend to go with more cooler tones.

The location wasn't ideal, but we made the most of it! And the kids were so good! A 6 month old girl and a 3 year old boy.  I tell you what, that little boy was far more cooperative then my own almost 3 year old is for pictures! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A day in the life...

...of me!

 I've been wanting to do a "day in the life" creativity exercise for a while, but just hadn't gotten around to it. I don't know what made me finally decide to do it, but I did! On my birthday, even.  But also on a day when I had nothing to do but hang around the house all day.   I had a hard time finding interesting things to shoot throughout the day...I really wanted to find ways to make the mundane look artsy but didn't have much luck, guess I just wasn't feeling very creative.   So its mostly just photos of my daughter playing throughout the day!  Hey, at least the Grandmas will be happy! ;)  I suppose I'll try again sometime. Maybe on a day when I actually have interesting things to do!  ;)

I put the camera on my nightstand when I went to bed so I could start shooting as soon as I woke up.

"Wake up, human."

Shower with an audience. 

My shower snooper ended up joining me.

Since I was trying to find things to shoot, I figured I'd attempt some selfies, and for once I actually managed to take some that were in focus! 

 Editing pictures...always editing pictures.

Dingo! Wishing I would put down the camera and take him out.

Helping herself to my slice of Birthday pie.

                   Mama's helper                               

Fighting the endless battle against dirt. 

No day is complete without a tantrum!

Then Daddy got home from his TDY!

She loaded up the couch with all her stuffed animals. She had them all sitting there like they were watching TV.

One last story before bed.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2 Years Old!

 So I was asked to take some photos of a handsome little man turning two.   They had a cute little set up in mind with balloons and a chalk board, but I've learned that with toddlers things don't always go as planned!   I managed to get a couple of snaps in before he decided he wanted nothing to do with our set up and needed mommy to hold him RIGHT NOW! :)    So we decided to try again the next day in his home, but he still had other ideas, and instead I ended up getting some photos of him making a mess with purple bubble stuff.

So needless to say, we didn't really end up with the photos we were going for...but at least we still got a few cute shots! With toddlers you just need to be prepared to go with the flow and understand that you can't really pose them. A lot of the time all you can do is just let them do their own thing and try to capture the moment! :)

Updated to add: Pardon the wonky color on the outdoor pics. They look fine on my computer but they definitely look a bit off on here!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ariel is 2!!

It's been a little while since I've posted, and it occurred to me that I forgot to share my Ariel's 2 year photos on here, so here they are!

They're not perfect...they were done in a hurry and I didn't have much space to work with (I had to sit  literally underneath our dining table to take these!) but hey, she's always cute!

Her favorite thing is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so that was the theme of her party.